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Michael Givens

Michael has been capturing and creating images that move and sell for over forty years. He has shot in every corner of the globe and created enduring images with some of the finest talent of our time.

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Have a quick look at clips from films photographed by Michael and directed by Stuart Paul, Sean McNamara, and Michael Givens.

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Michael has traveled the world shooting feature films, commercials and photographs. He has earned an international reputation for creating memorable stories and images that honour artistic integrity and captivate audiences.

Michael has guided his career through photography, cinematography and directing with credits including about 50 feature films and nearly 1,000 commercials.

He brings a highly refined sense of storytelling to his work, drawn from years of study and experience, including his time spent as acting coach in Hollywood, CA and his own acting and film institute in Charleston, SC.

Having a laugh on set with Jon Voight, Sean McNamara, Eva LaRue, Robert Skrodenis and Kelly Thompson.

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Michael has literally shot millions of feet of 35 & 65mm film and he has shot nearly as much digital footage for feature films, commercials and documentaries. He is a classical lighting-cameraman that has filmed on nearly every continent.

Acting Coach

Michael has taught Method Acting at a number of prestigious schools in Los Angeles and is the Artistic Director at his own acting and film institute in Charleston. He has the knowledge, experience and talent to guide actors into a natural and honest identification of a role that leads to award-winning performances. Visit MGAFILM.ORG for more information.


Michael has directed and produced many feature films and commercials. When he directs, he also serves as cinematographer.

Memorable stories start with great beginnings. So...

Michael Givens

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